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When individual timeshare rentals seem too risky and unpredictable . . .
And chain hotels feel uninspired and too predictable . . .

That’s when you’re ready for
Hotel Villas El Parque.


Why Hotel Villas El Parque

Our seven villa units  are owned and managed by a diverse group of seasoned and discerning international travelers who share a passion for local genuineness and uncompromising customer service. We believe Hotel Villas El Parque should feel like your Costa Rican home away from home – creating a sense of authenticity and cultural intimacy within our spacious and open-air floor plans.


You’ve got Options

At Hotel Villas El Parque, we know firsthand that travelers demand different amenities –and necessities – to ensure an experience that will work for them and their families. In fact, we are those travelers too, and just knowing these options exist means you won’t have to make any compromises with your accommodations.

One last ride

Stay connected or go unplugged

Whether you’re a business traveler who must stay connected or a family in need of some in-villa entertainment, every unit is fully wired with Wifi and cable TV just in case you need a connection to the world beyond this oasis.


Indulge or get culinary inspired

While there’s no need to cook with spectacular locale fare nearby in Manuel Antonio, self-proclaimed foodies are often inspired to replicate a casado, bouquitas or gallo pinto in our fully equipped kitchens. And most guests can’t resist brewing fresh Costa Rican coffee at sunrise while enjoying a cup on their private balcony.


Cooling off: ocean-style and private pool

Hotel Villas El Parque is often synonymous with a beach experience. But some days or evenings you may want to forego the surf, sand and salt water for something more subdued and secluded. Our private pool is just the alternative and brings peace of mind to families with children who aren’t quite ready for the waves.


Private excursion or large family trip

While there’s no question that Hotel Villas El Parque is ideal for couples looking for an incredible getaway, it also is unique in the fact that it carves out a niche for serving large family vacations, too. We can accommodate multiple families in one location while still provide each individual family the privacy they crave. After all, it’s still your vacation and everyone needs their own space.